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FOLD 4 Li-ion mobility scooter

FOLD 4 Li-ion mobility scooter

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FOLD 4 Li-ion mobility scooter for seniors - a great choice for easy mobility. Quality battery and easy auto-folding for convenient carrying.
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  • Fits even in the trunk of small cars

    Experience unmatched convenience with our compact mobility scooter, seamlessly fitting into the trunk of small cars for effortless transportation.

  • Requires almost no maintenance

    Discover the ease and reliability of our electric mobility scooter. Designed with minimal maintenance in mind, it provides a hassle-free mobility experience.

  • No licence or registration required to drive

    Our mobility scooter provides unparalleled accessibility as it doesn't require a license or registration for operation, delivering seamless mobility for all.

Comfortable and compact mobility

The all-new FOLD 4 Li-ion is a small and compact electric scooter that can be easily placed in the trunk of a car or taken out in a lift thanks to its compact dimensions. FOLD 4 Li-ion is a powerful electric scooter with a new auto-folding function. The foldable design allows for easy storage in small spaces such as car trunks or home storage areas. This mobility scooter is easy to operate and its power and range of up to 21 miles make it ideal for anyone looking for a reliable and practical way of transport in the city.

Fully assembled and ready to go

We offer only the best services to our customers. We deliver the FOLD 4 Li-ion electric scooter fully assembled and ready to use immediately. It has a load capacity of up to 260 lbs and is ideal for all types of rides. Just charge the lightweight electric scooter after each ride and it is ready for the next ride again. So you can hit the road at any time at speeds of up to 11 mph. Charge it in 4 to 6 hours and you're ready to go again. The combination of smaller rear and larger front wheels ensures high comfort.

A convenient way to travel

The Eroute FOLD 4 electric mobility scooter, which offers exceptional comfort for people with mobility problems. Its foldable design ensures easy carrying and storage in small car trunks. The mobility scooter includes a front basket, front light, information LCD speedometer, comfortable seat, armrests, charger and battery. High-quality lithium battery lasts 5 to 6 years with proper handling. Elevate your mobility with certified lithium battery-powered wheelchairs for Air Travel.